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About Us

At Redbasil, our ambition is to transform the way small businesses in the food & beverage ecosystem discover, connect and transact with each other.

Redbasil's asset-light B2B marketplace features a curated catalog of 10k+ ingredients and high-quality food suppliers, vetted by leading industry chefs and kitchens. Mobile-app based digital storefront, procurement, order fulfillment and payment transactions enable simple, fast, accurate and low cost operations.​

​Our own survey of 120+ restaurants found that 88% rely on unofficial text messages and phone calls for placing orders. Over 7 in 10 respondents called for greater transparency and better price discovery in the marketplace, while 65% of respondents cited difficulty in invoice reconciliation. On the other hand, a majority of suppliers face working capital constraints and delayed payments.

More than 50% of restaurants believe that both quality and on-time delivery needs to be improved, with 75%+ indicating low satisfaction in the Fresh Produce, Dairy and Butchery categories. Over 95% of respondents expressed high interest in having a digital listing of food service suppliers and their catalogs.

At Redbasil, we have set out to address these friction points head on using first principles, user-centered design and agile engineering. Our approach is built on a deep understanding of the needs of our customers in the wholesale food distribution value chain in India.

Meet Our Founding Team

Our Team

Naman Dayal

Founder & CEO

M.Eng. from MIT | Ex – EY

  • LinkedIn

Amit Khanchi

Founder & CTO

M.Tech. from DCE | Ex - Walmart Labs

  • LinkedIn

Shivank Shukla

Founder & COO

MBA from MDI | EX - Gozo Cabs

  • LinkedIn

Gaurav Pal

Co-Founder & PH

MCA from LPU | EX - Spyne

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Our Story

Our Story

The Redbasil story started with a simple idea - making wholesale food supply in India easy and convenient. Naman's experience in perishables supply chain globally led him to study the food value chain in India. 

After speaking with dozens of farmers, wholesale mandi traders, distributors, restaurant owners, chefs and purchase managers, the challenges and opportunities in this ecosystem became apparent. Core issues, such as inconsistent quality, volatile pricing, delayed deliveries and manual ordering are just some of the hurdles an F&B outlet has to overcome on a daily basis.

Redbasil was conceptualized as a digital marketplace to enhance trust and reliability in this fragmented ecosystem, with a focus on specific uses cases for commercial kitchen operations in India. 

The Redbasil founding team came together with rich and complementary experience in operations, sales, technology and design. We conciously decided to build Redbasil ground-up based on the needs articulated by chefs, independent outlet owners and wholesale traders. 

Redbasil started pilot operations in Gurgaon in Aug'2021. After gaining initial traction and positive customer feedback, we are now expanding across Delhi NCR and aim to onboard 1000+ outlets and wholesale traders in 2022.

Meet Our Investor and Advisor

Investors and Advisor
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